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Lunch Specials 
steamed seafood items with corn and potato. pick one of the sauces: Cajun, Garlic butter or Prime juicy Sauce and choose your spicy level.
DSC_1719 031719 L1 logo.jpg

L1. Shrimp (Head-on)

DSC_1773 L2 032619.jpg

L2. Shrimp (no Head)

DSC_1759 L3 032619.jpg

L3. steamed Clams or Mussels

DSC_1760 L4 032619.jpg

L4. 1 cluster Snow crab & shrimp                   $18.49

Hand-Breaded Fried Seafood
Fried seafood items come with Cajun Fries (straight cut fries). F1 & F2 choose two fish fillets from Tilapia, Swai, Whiting, or Ocean Perch.
DSC_1716 F1 030619.jpg

F1. two pcs Fish fillets w. Fries

DSC_1708 F2 030419.jpg

F2. two pcs Fish fillets & 6 large Shrimp           $14.49

DSC_1738 F3 032319.jpg

F3. Fried Shrimp w. Fries

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